Indicators on swimming pool zabarte You Should Know

Во многих случаях можно употребить существительное, инфинитив, глагол и более простые конструкции вместо герундия. Например:

Я не понимаю вашего нежелания пригласить его на вечеринку.

Он пошёл туда с целью увидеться со своим братом. (Он пошёл туда увидеться со своим братом.)

His attempt at obtaining out resulted in failure. – His attempt to obtain out ended in failure. (The gerund is a lot more official listed here; the infinitive is a lot more typical.)

Она хорошо водит машину. – Приятно знать это / слышать это. (Разница в конструкции и значении.)

Learners usually believe the ing-variety is often a present participle in such sentences mainly because they translate the ing-variety with the assistance of the Russian adverbial participle. Essentially, what is meant is "problems in undertaking anything", which suggests that here the ing-form is a gerund.

Её возмутил их приход на её день рождения без приглашения.

If you don't want to work with such difficult constructions, it is possible to usually restructure your sentences. By way of example: We have been happy that Anton has received a prize. We are happy that he has received a prize. There was minor prospect that our plane would go away in time.

Он удивил нас, сказав несколько слов сначала на китайском, а затем на французском.

On Wilshire Boulevard, outside the museum, a chauffeur within an SUV is waiting around to just take Drake into a West Hollywood tattoo parlor. "People today don't know I've tats, since I retain them concealed," he claims. On his left inner bicep he's received the CN Tower, hallmark in the Toronto skyline; across his again are huge portraits of his mom, his maternal grandmother and Aaliyah, on whom Drake modeled his possess early method of singing.

Examine the examples beneath. The present participle "singing" is an element Clicking Here on the current steady tense variety in the 1st illustration.

Based upon where you live, effectively water could be An additional practical choice for you to refill your pool. The point that well water is free entices most pool homeowners to implement their perfectly, if obtainable.

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Ещё примеры герундия в сложных существительных: жевательная резинка, уборщица, удочка, жилая комната / гостиная, зеркало, швейная машина, спальный мешок, трость для ходьбы, стиральная машина.

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